Michael C. Goldman, DDS

Stem-Cells from "Baby teeth"
            ...Harvested and  Saved for Future Use

Recently it was discovered by researchers that the baby teeth that children lose approximately between the ages of 6 and 13 contain a rich supply of stem-cells in the nerve tissue inside the tooth.

There are laboratories that  will  process these naturally lost  baby teeth and harvest the stem-cells and then "store" them for future use.  There are several advantages of this new technique.

First, it is not  controversial as far as I know.  Controversy about  stem cells has been caused by the fact that in the past stem cells have been obtained from embryonic tissues from abortions. 

The  technique  discussed here is a non-controversial alternative to the use of embryonic stem cells.

Another advantage is that the  stem cells obtained are the child's own tissue, so they can be used later without any fear of tissue incompatibility or transmission of infection from another donor.  These are very  big considerations. 

Your  pedodontic dentist  would likely know of  labs that he or she  can work with to provide this service.  One such  lab is BioEden Inc.  
See: www.bioeden.com for more details.  There may be other labs that also provide this  service but this is  the only one I know of at this time.

While this is not a service I offer in my practice [since I rarely treat young children], it is something that you could  discuss with your child's pedodontic dentist. 


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