Stop Cavities and Gum Disease with Sugar !!!

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Brush Your Teeth with SUGAR!


Sounds CRAZY ! Right?  But the truth is that you can actually stop the cause of decay and gum disease by brushing with sugar, or eating gum or mints filled with sugar several times each day !!!  Sounds like there must be a "catch", right?

Well, it is true as stated, but it's also true that there's a small "catch". The small catch is that it can't be regular sugar like sucrose or the often substituted forms like fructose, glucose or sorbitol.  [  For you  scientifically minded readers, they are all six-carbon molecules.  ]   The sugar that is good for your teeth and gums is a five-carbon sugar molecule called Xylitol.


Why is Xylitol different from other sugars?

As I  mentioned above, most sugars are "six-carbon molecules", whereas Xylitol is a "five-carbon molecule".  Without getting into a complicated organic chemistry discussion, the point is that Xylitol is a smaller size molecule that is still a sugar and is very sweet like other sugars we all know and love. 

The cause of  both cavities and gum disease is bacteria.  Too many of them and not the kind of bacteria that are good to have in the mouth.  The funny thing about Xylitol is that it fools the bacteria into thinking it's good food.  The Xylitol is absorbed into the bacteria easily but then the bacteria can't digest it.  The bacteria push out the xylitol and it just gets re-absorbed again.  This goes on and on and the end result is that the bacteria starve to death from no food digestion and exhaustion!


How effective is this concept?

Researchers found that pretty good daily brushing and flossing reduces bacterial  plaque or biofilm about 50%.  When they had patients chew xylitol five times each day, they found that  there was an equal reduction of bacterial biofilm as if the patients had brushed and flossed !  This is especially  important  with patients that lack the  dexterity  or ability to brush and floss.  Mentally handicapped, aged, and physically handicapped people could benefit especially well from this.  But so could the rest of us.  Imagine continuing to brush [and floss] and also chewing xylitol mints or gum  five times a day.  That might not be necessary for many of us that don't have a particular dental problem, but for people with cavity or gum disease problems that they have not been able to get under control, this might be just the answer!

When the bacteria die off, they no longer have the ability to produce the "goo" that binds them together into the thick, ugly, junk that collects and  hardens on the surfaces of teeth that the dentist has to scrape off.   So the soft gooey plaque disintegrates and slides off the teeth  before it  can get to the point where it has to be scraped off with dental tools.  Realistically, you probably won't be able to  get rid of all of it but if you  can cut it way down, your mouth will look, smell, and feel a lot better. And you  may be able to avoid costly and sometimes difficult dental treatment.


Where can I get this Xylitol stuff?

You can buy Spry gum or mints in several flavors.  The manufacturer has a weird name, Xlear, pronounced like "clear", I believe.

You can find it  by Googling it, but here's a part of Amazon's ad for one flavor of the mints:


You can also take Xylitol another way.  Powdered Xylitol, by the pound, is not expensive and can be ordered online for about $5-10 per pound.  Here's a couple of choices  on Amazon.com.   If you mix one teaspoon of  powdered xylitol into a glass of water you can SIP it over a period of half an hour or so, so that your teeth and tongue are bathed in it for a while, that will do the job.  You can swallow it too and it  can help get rid of Candida without upsetting the  normal stuff in your gut.



You can also go another step by adding a probiotic mint.  A probiotic is a source of the kind of bacteria that  is good for your teeth and gums.  So while killing off the bad guys, you  can supplement with lots of  good guys to create a healthier balance.

One  such a product is EvoraPlus.  Again, if you can't find it in a local healthfood or nutrition store, try Googling for it.  Amazon has some:

I have not compared prices on the internet, but this should at least  get you started.


Interesting, huh?


This pamphlet was written in the hope that it will increase understanding about a topic that seems important from time to time. Obviously it is only a part of the whole story, so if you have questions after reading this please do not hesitate to ask or call. Also, if there is a topic that you think would be helpful, please suggest it. Does this help you? Let me know.

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