Cosmetic Dentistry - Computer Imaging
by Dr. Michael C. Goldman


Computer Imaging refers to  the use of a digital photo to "simulate" on  a computer screen what  you  might look like if certain Cosmetic Dentistry changes were to be made to your smile.  When you look in a mirror, or at a photo of yourself it's impossible to imagine what you might look like with "whiter" teeth... or "longer" teeth.... or straighter, more square or more rounded, wider, narrower, fuller, or just more "even" teeth.

On a computer, special photo-editing software - similar to  Adobe's Photoshop but geared more specifically for dentistry - is used to "Simulate" various changes  in the shape, color, and position of the teeth visible in your smile.  The result is a credible, realistic "simulation " of what  might be possible  for you, using  today's amazing  Cosmetic Dentistry  techniques! 

You'd be amazed at how much your teeth affect your overall appearance.  If that's important to you personally or professionally, you owe it  to yourself to investigate Cosmetic Computer Imaging.  If you like the results, you can go further; if not, you've  done nothing except inform yourself!


Here's a very simple example showing a simulation of what it would look like if a space between the front teeth were to be closed, which could be done either  by simple bonding or by veneers.


Next is a much more complex situation  with the potential results simulated by computer in the center image, and the actual final result in the bottom image.  This takes a lot of the fear, anxiety, and guesswork out of making a decision to modify your appearance.  Additionally,  when you see the computer simulation image, you  can suggest changes so you can "co-design" your new smile with  me.  In this case, she felt her teeth should be a  little wider and bolder and also a bit  brighter and whiter  than I  made them in the simulation. As you can see in the bottom image, her feedback was incorporated in the final design and  both she an I were very pleased!

ely1.016@72.jpg (83112 bytes)



  • What is it? Computer imaging is the alteration of a digital  photograph of you in the computer to see what changes to your smile might look better !

  • Why would you want it? It's very scary to  have your appearance changed .... and  even  more so  if you really don't know what the changes are going look like !......."Imaging"...  allows you  and I to get "on the same page" about what  we both agree looks the best for you.  Your dentistry then can be guided by that image so the end result is NOT A BIG SURPRISE !!!  Done properly, it takes the emotional risk out of cosmetic dentistry for you,  the patient.

  • Can I see another example ? Yes !

smilevision photos.jpg (76936 bytes)In the top photo you can see the "Before" image of  both people as they are   before anything has been done. Normally, of course, it would only be  an image of one person.

In the bottom image you can see  how the appearance of their smiles has been  "computer enhanced".   It's not "real", just an example of a suggestion of what  might look better.

If it  were an image of you, you might love it...or you might  think... "it's pretty good, ...but ... I think the teeth look too white, or not white enough, or too big, too small, etc..."

Most of those properties (whiteness, size, shape, etc.) can be easily changed in the computer  to get an image more to your liking.  I would  then need to check out your smile in detail to make sure   what you want  is, in fact, possible to do.  Luckily, most often, it is possible.

With today's cosmetic dentistry techniques most people can  get  the  great  smile they always wanted, but thought they could never have. 

A great  smile  can change your life ! The sense of confidence and self-esteem that come from  an attractive smile can turn your life around, or just  make an already  great life  more pleasurable!

The  images to the left were borrowed from a great website http://www.smile-vision.net.

It is a website for a dental laboratory, Smile-Vision, that has done  excellent work for dentists like me. 



That should give you a pretty good idea of the Computer Imaging part of this .... if you  would like to know how  it fits in  with the rest of Cosmetic Dental treatment, keep reading!



smile photo Moore@72.jpg (49817 bytes)In this case my patient wanted very white teeth -  and what I like to think of as a "power smile".  He does a lot of public speaking and wants to feel in command of his audience.  He's the up and coming CEO type and his new appearance  helps to give him the  self image he wants.  You might want a slightly different "look" and that's fine... and imaging helps to determine what you  like.   Meanwhile, doesn't his smile look  so much better?






So that's   pretty much "it"... a lot of work to:

  1. -Find out what you would like, and

  2. -What  can realistically be done

  3. -Create good looking temporaries right away, that will

  4. -Give you a real-life preview  or rehearsal so we can

  5. -Make final "fine-tuning"  adjustments to the  real restorations as they are being made... all to closely control the process from beginning to end so you

  6. -Get  what you want  without waiting  to the end and wondering "what will I look like....?"





I sincerely hope this article has been helpful in explaining both what Cosmetic Computer Imaging is and why it might be very important and valuable to you or a loved one thinking about Cosmetic Dentistry.

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