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Michael C. Goldman, DDS
3815 East-West Highway
Chevy Chase, Maryland, 20815

That's the  North-East corner of Connecticut Ave and East -West Highway (Rte. 410) in a home office.  Our private parking lot is entered from East-West Highway.  It's about 1/2 mile inside the  Washington Beltway (495) toward Washington, DC.

Driving directions from the Beltway (495):

Take the exit for Connecticut Ave (Exit 33) and at the end of the ramp you can go north toward Kensington or south toward Chevy Chase and Washington.  You take the  fork south toward Chevy Chase.

That will put you on Connecticut Ave. south.  You'll go about 5 lights in only about 1/4 mile so on your left you will pass a  library, then a fire house, then a big white church.  After the church, get into the left turn lane to turn left at "Junction 410", which is East-West Highway. 

After you turn left at the light and you are on  E-W Highway, the very first  driveway on your left takes you into my little parking lot.  Often the traffic  going the other way is backed up at that  light so you can't go across it easily to turn into my driveway.  In that case just continue down E-W Highway a little bit until you can safely make a U-turn and come back  toward the intersection, staying in the curb lane so you can easily turn into  my lot.


Buses stop at this corner from either EW Highway or Connecticut Ave.  Subway stops either Bethesda or Silver Spring, with Bethesda only slightly closer.  Bus or cab available from either Silver Spring or Bethesda subway stops.  If either stop works for you just as well, I'd recommend  the Bethesda stop.

Reagan International Airport  (DCA):

If you fly to Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA), you can get onto the subway [Metro] from inside the main terminal.

Take  the Yellow line to Gallery Place and change there to the Red line to Bethesda, or you can take the Blue line from the airport to the Metro Center and inside Metro Center change to the Red line to Bethesda station [about 50 min].  Either way is similar but the Yellow line might be just a little quicker.

Once at the Bethesda stop you take the escalator up and to the left of where you get off the escalator you  can get the J2 or J3 bus to Connecticut Ave.  The bus ride is about 10 minutes.  Check with the driver to make sure  that bus goes to Connecticut Ave.  Alternatively, if you go up another level to street level you will be next to the Hyatt hotel and you can almost always get a cab from in front of the hotel.  The bus is about the same travel time but you might have to wait a bit for the bus to come.

Other Airports:

Both Baltimore-Washington Int'l (BWI) and Dulles (IAD) airports are about the same distance from my office but Reagan Int'l. (DCA) has the advantage of being able to  get onto the subway from right inside the airport.  If you would prefer to get a cab or shuttle then any of the three airports would work about equally well.

Phone: (301) 656-6171

Please Note:
For general inquiries (
except to make an appointment), questions or suggestions/comments, please do not phone, but do email.  Thanks!

Interest-Free Twelve Month Payment Plan

For amounts of five-hundred dollars and more, we can usually arrange a three to twelve month payment plan depending on the amount. ...at zero interest ! Have I caught your attention? It's true. Zero interest! Let us know you would like to utilize this plan and we can probably set it up for you within half an hour - before your visit is over ! We will need a little additional information since this plan is administered outside of our office.

We work with CareCredit.  We can help you apply  or you can click the following link and apply or get  more information online.

CareCredit Apply Now

FAX: (301) 656-4350



Note: For questions or suggestions/comments, please do not phone, but do email.  Thanks!





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Cosmetic dentistry is about doing   quality , esthetic dentistry in a way that looks natural to begin with, and furthermore,   can even  improve  one's  attractiveness through techniques such as bonding, bleaching, veneers, caps, implants and more.  It can   be like "instant orthodontics" in correcting  crooked, twisted or misplaced teeth in many instances.  Dark or misshapen teeth can be restored.   Smiles that lack youthful vigor or beauty can be revitalized! See Topics / Info..

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