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Extreme Makeovers

This pretty lady didn't like her smile.  We discussed what  she would like and then I showed her a "Computer Mock-up" of the original photo on the left, to show what I thought  might be possible.  Seeing "just teeth" is one thing... but seeing the enhanced smile with most of the face, really  gives a good idea of the IMPACT smile enhancement can have on overall appearance.

                        Before                         Computer Enhanced view           After getting new Porcelain Veneeers

She and I were delighted with  the improvement.

So, here's the actual end result.  Beautiful Veneers!  
And in case you are wondering just how natural the improved teeth look, here's a close look...


Here's Another "Makeover"...


This is a patient I did an "extreme makeover" for... You can see how  good  he feels
about the changes !  You can see the "Before" photo on the left.

Here's how his treatment evolved:
From the digital "before" photo, I worked out a
"simulated" enhanced image on the computer.

When my patient told me  he liked the computer imaging, 
I  began to work out the details to create that look in the  final result.

Once  we  started, it only took a couple of  appointments.

And  just in case you are   wondering  how realistic this dentistry is, let me show
you a  real close-up view of the teeth  with his  new veneers in place.

These veneers could have been made very white as some  people prefer, but he wanted
his teeth to look more natural and age and gender appropriate, so I made them as light as
I thought was possible to still look good with the lower teeth that are much darker.

Notice that the veneers are not  one flat  color -
 things in nature have variations, and that  gives the teeth a vital, "alive" appearance. 
Veneers all one single color can look more like a row of "Chicklets" rather than teeth! 

Also notice that they are not BULKY looking.  Too often veneers are made too bulky,
so that they not only  don't look natural or attractive, but they can actually damage the
gums by causing them to be inflamed, purplish-red, and swollen.


Another "Makeover"

This one is very interesting because of the twisted and overlapped teeth that were made beautifully straight without  doing any orthodontics !  Only Porcelain Veneers were done on the upper front  ten teeth, and a little later on the lower front six teeth.

ely1.016@72.jpg (83077 bytes)

Here's a Close-up view of the Porcelain Veneers
to see how lifelike and natural they are:

ely1.0141@72.jpg (17838 bytes)


Another "Makeover"

This shows my patient "Before" treatment, and then after discussing her desires for a  prettier smile,  I showed her a computer-enhanced or computer modified image of her that I created on the computer to simulate the effect of  veneers on her upper front teeth.   It  also  simulates some suggested changes  that could be made to the  gum line, so  less "gums"  would  show  when she smiles big.  She liked  it  and so we  proceeded with the cosmetic   makeover below.  See what you think.....!


Here you see a  very happy patient enjoying  her new smile !  You will see that not only  are the teeth
prettier but the  teeth  go up to the lip-line without showing a  wide   band of gummy gums.   The end
result was fairly realistically predicted by the  computer enhanced view done  in the beginning
before any real changes were made.



Now  I mostly use "Computer Imaging" to show a patient how  his or her smile
could  potentially  be improved,  but sometimes it is  easier to   use  wax and marking pens or
composite filling material
to demonstrate "right in your mouth" what  could be done.
While  not as refined as computer imaging,  this technique is dramatic and
helpful in its own  way and sometimes its just  quicker and easier.  For some
patients it's also easier to visualize this way, rather  than trying to  relate to a
photo image.   Whatever works!

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album3.jpg (35154 bytes)


There are many different kinds of   cosmetic problems. 
Here are some  typical isolated problems and solutions.

Basic common problems

album4.jpg (32331 bytes)

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Worn - Worn out - and Fixed

album6.jpg (30153 bytes)


Prettier, Stronger, Healthier

album7.jpg (44891 bytes)


Implants...teeth where there were none!

album8.jpg (37051 bytes)


Amalgam Replacement with Bonded Composite

album9.jpg (34136 bytes)


From...Ugh!... to Ah-h-h-h-h.....

album10.jpg (40365 bytes)


Rejuvenated !

album11.jpg (21299 bytes)


Pretty Gums ?

album12.jpg (33157 bytes)


Talented Veneers...

album13.jpg (38152 bytes)


CEO Veneers...

album14.jpg (34008 bytes)


Bad!...and then... Beautiful Veneers

The following top photo is cosmetic dentistry in name only!  I was sad to see this pretty,
young woman literally disfigured bu such awful dentistry done supposedly to improve her appearance!

Aside from the awful appearance, the quality of the dentistry
was so bad it caused her gums to become dangerously infected and painful.

The bottom photo shows how I re-did her cosmetic dentistry for health and proper function.

The gums healed on their own when the poor dentistry was corrected.

album15.jpg (36816 bytes)


Well.... Yes!...Implants...

album16.jpg (105991 bytes)


A Single Implant (Unmarried?)

album18.jpg (89157 bytes)


Male Bonding...

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Holism in dentistry is an approach to dental treatment, primarily  caring for  patients' health and safety from both a conventional as well as  "alternative healthcare" point of view.   It is sometimes called "biological" dentistry or "biocompatible" dentistry.  In it's fullest sense, I believe it   acknowledges and deals with  the mind, body and spirit of the patient, not just his or her "teeth".  See Topics / Info.....

Cosmetic dentistry is about doing   quality , esthetic dentistry in a way that looks natural to begin with, and furthermore,   can even  improve  one's  attractiveness through techniques such as bonding, bleaching, veneers, caps, implants and more.  It can   be like "instant orthodontics" in correcting  crooked, twisted or misplaced teeth in many instances.  Dark or misshapen teeth can be restored.   Smiles that lack youthful vigor or beauty can be revitalized! See Topics / Info..

Bleaching, veneers, bonding, caps, bridges, and implants  are cosmetic dentistry treatments that are also  discussed in  Cosmetic Dentistry, and more...located in the Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815 area near Washington DC.