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This web-site was created primarily to serve as a helpful resource for those of you wanting to know more about your options in dental care - especially regarding cosmetic dentistry and holistic dentistry .   I'd really enjoy your feedback about whether  it has been useful, and how it might be even more useful for you.

Let me know if you need more info on a topic I have not covered here...or one that I have.  I will try to answer your questions personally..  If enough people ask related questions it may prompt me to write a new  virtual pamphlet  to add to "TOPICS / INFO".



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Holism in dentistry is an approach to dental treatment, primarily  caring for  patients' health and safety from both a conventional as well as  "alternative healthcare" point of view.   It is sometimes called "biological" dentistry or "biocompatible" dentistry.  In it's fullest sense, I believe it   acknowledges and deals with  the mind, body and spirit of the patient, not just his or her "teeth".  See Topics / Info.....

Cosmetic dentistry is about doing   quality , esthetic dentistry in a way that looks natural to begin with, and furthermore,   can even  improve  one's  attractiveness through techniques such as bonding, bleaching, veneers, caps, implants and more.  It can   be like "instant orthodontics" in correcting  crooked, twisted or misplaced teeth in many instances.  Dark or misshapen teeth can be restored.   Smiles that lack youthful vigor or beauty can be revitalized! See Topics / Info..

Bleaching, veneers, bonding, caps, bridges, and implants  are cosmetic dentistry treatments that are also  discussed in  Cosmetic Dentistry, and more...