and even
Neck & Shoulder,
and - wouldya'believe it -
Back Pains

are they Mental.........or...Dental ????


Note: Also read "TMJ Problems" article in this website.

There are many factors that contribute to headaches and of course we all get them from time to time.

But if you suffer from CHRONIC headaches and if you have checked it out medically to be sure it's not something much more serious trying to give  you a warning sign, then perhaps it's a kind of  problem we call "TMJ problems".  It all has to do with the  teeth and the muscles controlling the jaws and the jaw joints just in front  of your ears. Very complicated.

Most of the time, medical doctors don't know much - if anything - about TMJ and will  not be able to help you with it.   In fact they are more likely to tell you  it couldn't possibly be a TMJ problem !  That's OK, many if not most DENTISTS don't know much about TMJ either !!

It's a tricky set of problems that can be  hard to understand and treat.  You won't die from it but it can make your life miserable. 

Headaches, neck, shoulder, back pains, dizziness, and many, many other symptoms  are not uncommon with TMJ and in just about any  combination.

The good news is that very often it can be treated with a  little plastic appliance that is custom made for you to wear mostly only while you sleep. 

Read other articles on TMJ and voice tension on this site to learn more.

Good luck!


Good news! there is a type of  bite appliance that   can be made that  has a dramatic  affect on the muscles to help them   relax.   I also helps  TMJ problems and bruxism  most of the time.  But the big  difference is that it changes the dynamics of how the   teeth, nerves and muscles work together during the time you are wearing it.   It's smaller than  most bite guards and mostly just fits in the roof of your mouth and often is totally hidden behind your front teeth so it is "invisible".   Normally you would wear it  during sleep and possibly  sometimes during   periods of  daytime heightened stress if you felt the need for it.

It's a simple approach to treating a  complicated problem.  If it works for you  - and it has almost always  helped my patients when I made them one -  then you will feel better and you will notice improved relaxation all around your mouth.  Amazingly, the relaxation affect can potentially  be from the top of your head all the way down your neck, shoulders, and back, down to your pelvis.  That's a lot from a silly little piece of plastic !!!

NOTE: While this appliance works on a similar fundamental principal as what is being marketed as an "NTI" appliance, I never  use or recommend the NTI appliance.  I could  perhaps support very SHORT-term use (couple of weeks maybe) of an NTI as a very temporary appliance  but not as a long-term appliance.


If this sounds interesting and possibly  helpful, come on in and we can talk about it ! Bye.


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