Root Canal Treatment Choices


First this Statement !!!!!  There's so much confusion and anxiety about root canals and I get emails - literally from all over the world about  "my dentist  is against root canals ...and YOU [me, Dr. Goldman] are for root canals.  Please help me to know what to do...." or some question similar to that. So let me say this:

I am neither FOR nor AGAINST root canals....   My position is that there is NO PERFECT SOLUTION at this time  to a root canal problem  and so  taking a black or white position for or against root canal treatment  seems  to me to be a mistake in judgment.  My feeling is that each situation needs to be seen and evaluated on its own merits.

If extraction makes sense in a specific situation, fine.  If not, then   perhaps there are some things that  could be done - perhaps just a little differently - to make the  root canal treatment  less likely to become a problem later.

As Paul Harvey used to say on the radio:
And now for the rest of the story...


Root-Canal Treatment .......
                       an "alternative, alternative" viewpoint !

by Michael C. Goldman, DDS

FAQ 1: My dentist says I need a root-canal.  Should I have it   done or Extract the tooth?...and   What are the consequences?

FAQ 2: I have  been told it's dangerous to keep my old root-canal treated tooth.  Is that true?   What should I do?


There is a line of thinking among many dentists in the holistically oriented community that root canals are necessarily "bad" and should be removed if you have them  and never done if you need one...  Well, that's fine if there's some reasonable alternative.  Sometimes there is.... and sometimes there is not ! 

Before you let any dentist remove any of your teeth - possibly making you a dental cripple - check out what treatment  options are  being offered following the tooth (or teeth) removal and see if what is offered makes sense to you.....Always remember, it's YOUR body, and only YOU can decide what's right for it !  Don't wait until AFTER the teeth are extracted to find out that you don't like the options!!!!  It's too late then!

Get a good understanding of the issues so you can make an informed decision about your body !!!!!