NOTICE: I do not endorse any of the following organizations.  If you are reading this website it is most likely because you are confused about mercury toxicity issues and trying to understand them better.  The following  resources are offered for your reading because they exist and each has something to say on the issues.  What they have to say, however, may or may not be factually correct.  There is science on both sides of the issues, and until the science is clear one way or the other you can only educate yourself as best you can and then go with your own intelligence and intuition. 
Dr. Goldman



Mercury Free :   The following resources may all have different lists of mercury-free, or biocompatibility based, or holistic, or biologic...dental practices.   If you are having trouble finding one near you, try all these resources.   You'll probably be successful!  Good luck!

Then read  the article "Finding a Good (holistic) Dentist" listed in "Topics/Info" page.

DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome), is a lay (not professionals) network of individuals interested in  getting out the word about how they feel they have been affected by mercury toxicity and how they may have been helped or not  by having it removed. (phone: try 800-311-6265).   

IAOMT is another organization (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).  It is a network of professionals - physicians, dentists, other healthcare providers and research scientists dealing with toxicity   issue....Tel:   [863]-420-6373                                                                                                 

IAOMT Mission Statement:    "to promote the health of the public at large by examining and compiling scientific research relating to the BIOCOMPATIBILITY  of oral/dental materials to insure their informed   use in clinical practice."

Environmental Dental Association - Maintains a list of Mercury-Free Dentists in many  areas.  For a list  of dentists in your area  and probably some helpful general info, send a  self-addressed stamped envelope with 55 cents postage to:                    

                        PO Box 2184
                        Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

                        Phone:   619-586-7626

PPNF  (Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation) is another organization. PPNF is all about increasing our knowledge of what's healthy and what's not.  A lot of their material deals with nutrition and also with issues of what may be toxic to humans that we come in contact with in the food we eat, as well as substances we come in contact with.  Dental materials like mercury (used in "silver" fillings) is a big issue.  Certain aspects of root canal treatment   have been questioned.   Its members include healthcare professionals as well as laymen.  [ I personally question several of their ideas but I respect that  they are  committed and well-intentioned as far as I can tell.  ]

They are the folks that have kept the ideas of Dr  Weston Price alive.  Dr George Meinig (Root Canal Treatment...Exposed) was [prior to his death] on their board so I question whether  they can be  "objective" regarding root canal treatment information.   Nevertheless, I think they are sincere and well-meaning and will help  you from their particular point of view.  It's up to you to find the  balance that makes sense to you.

email: info@price-pottenger.org              phone:1-800-366-3748


Consumers for Dental Choice, spearheaded by Charlie Brown, Esq. (a lawyer), is the organization working to abolish the use of mercury in dentistry.  They also  have a list of biological and holistic dentists who support CDC, which will also serve consumers looking for holistic dentists nationally.

Go to:  www.toxicteeth.org

CFMR (Canadians For Mercury Relief)
CMFR is a motivated group seeking to promote and disseminate information about the potential problems related to mercury use in dentistry.  News about its activities and views as well as a promised listing of mercury-free dentists (with some helpful supplementary info) should be available at website http://www.talkinternational.com


Pathways Magazine

A quarterly journal, free in the Washington DC area to  provide useful articles, information, and to advertise and educate about services available to the public covering a wide  range of  services under the general umbrella of "alternative" or "new age" or "holistic" or "spiritual".  You can find physicians, mental health services, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and so on... you will also find Tarot, Astrology, Yoga, Tai Chi , Meditation and the like. You can also subscribe to Pathways or  find resources on its website http://www.pathwaysmag.com.     Other major cities may have similar publications.


These organizations are daring and dedicated.   What they promote flies in the face of established authorities, often placing them on the hot seat of controversy.  They are committed and believe what they say.   Time will prove them right or wrong. 

Be your own advocate! Read and learn, include a "grain of salt" with any of it and then decide for yourself.




Holism in dentistry is an approach to dental treatment, primarily  caring for  patients' health and safety from both a conventional as well as  "alternative healthcare" point of view.   It is sometimes called "biological" dentistry or "biocompatible" dentistry.  In it's fullest sense, I believe it   acknowledges and deals with  the mind, body and spirit of the patient, not just his or her "teeth".  See Topics / Info.....

Cosmetic dentistry is about doing   quality , esthetic dentistry in a way that looks natural to begin with, and furthermore,   can even  improve  one's  attractiveness through techniques such as bonding, bleaching, veneers, caps, implants and more.  It can   be like "instant orthodontics" in correcting  crooked, twisted or misplaced teeth in many instances.  Dark or misshapen teeth can be restored.   Smiles that lack youthful vigor or beauty can be revitalized! See Topics / Info..

Bleaching, veneers, bonding, caps, bridges, and implants  are cosmetic dentistry treatments that are also  discussed in  Cosmetic Dentistry, and more...